Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Growing Breasts the Natural Way

Are you ashamed of your breasts? For many years, I was of mine. They were a miniscule 32A, nothing much more than 2 pointy nipples. I would look at glossy women’s magazines with envy at the celebrities and models with large beautiful breasts. I felt like a quirk of nature. Why wasn’t I born a male?

Sure, I know that most movie stars, models and celebrities carry artificially enhanced breasts. Still, no one I personally knew had breasts as flat as mine. And since I couldn’t afford plastic surgery like those celebrities, I had to rely on a natural breast augmentation means to grow my breasts.

Fortunately, information on breast growth is easy to find these days with the Internet. It did not take long for me to find a few products that were supposed to grow my breasts. After considering it and taking into account my budget, I decided to buy a breast enhancement cream. I figured that something applied directly to my breasts would be the most effective means to grow them.

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After paying for the product online, I waited for about a week to get it by mail. When it finally arrived, I was very excited. I immediately read the instructions and applied the cream to my breasts. Every day I applied the cream so much I felt like I could slide through the grilles of my gate. After the first month, there was no visible change to my breasts. But I kept applying the cream. After the second month, still nothing happened. I carried on after that for another couple of weeks or so before giving up on the product. I felt like I was cheated.

I was really down the next few days. But I picked myself up and resolved to try again. Perhaps the breast cream did not work for me so this time I looked for something different. By chance I stumbled upon a website that did not promote a breast cream, capsules, pills or massage technique like what you would expect. It promotes an e-book entitled, “How I made my Breasts Grow Bigger Naturally” by Nancy Newton. I was immediately curious because of the e-book.

As I read Nancy’s letter, something clicked inside me. I kept thinking, “This is it!” and the excitement started to grow. So I bought the e-book and started reading it. The great thing was that I did not have to wait a week for anything by mail. Nancy’s e-book could be downloaded immediately.

I took action on Nancy’s methods that night itself. After the same amount of time I spent on the previous breast cream, I found Nancy’s methods starting to bear fruit. My breasts felt firmer and my bra got tighter. I kept implementing Nancy’s methods for another month. The result? My breasts increased by one cup size overall. I am very pleased.

Nancy’s methods are different. They do not just focus on the physical aspect of breast growth like what to eat but also the psychological aspects like how to use your mind and imagination to cause your breasts to grow.

I give Nancy’s method two thumbs up and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to grow their breasts naturally using natural breast enlargement.


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